Eve Hardcastle is an Artist, Textile Designer, Yoga Teacher, and Women’s Circle Facilitator.


Bringing together healing both from the arts and from yoga, Eve's work is created to inspire, change, and elevate you with an intention to change your state of mind.

Creating immersive experiences in both her paintings and in facilitating creative and safe spaces, she has been described as a "creative force and a healer". She is "a deep warm lavender bath you don't want to get out of".  

After graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a BA Hons in Textile Design in 2015 she was drawn to the process of taking her paintings and bringing them to life by printing them onto fabrics. A collection of prints that were inspired by the female hormonal cycle looked at how we can be more aware and also harness these inner shifts and changes within us.

In completing her yoga teacher training, she began creating yoga products, under the brand of Wolf and Mermaid. Wolf representing the masculine, the doing energy, the physical power of yoga and movement, and the Mermaid, representing the feminine energy, the water, free movement in both her paintings and in the emotional elevation of practicing yoga. You can find out more and shop the current products at www.wolfandmermaid.co.uk.

She holds regular Women Circles both in-person and online and facilitates sacred and safe spaces for individuals to come into their being, to be truly heard and seen, holding space for you to freely express yourself authentically.

Available for group bookings, one to ones, outdoor and indoor facilitated events, art and yoga festivals, project and creative work and workshops.